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Hello, I am Fr Alex, the vicar of St Matthew's Burnley and the host of The God Cast. The God Cast is a series of interviews with many famous people from Theologians, Actors, Writers, Politicians, Sports People, Comedians and Performers. Guests include: Alastair Campbell; Edwina Currie; Dom Joly; George Galloway; Anthea Turner, as well as: Levi Roots; Johnathan Antoine; Eammon Holmes and many more.

The interviews are usually between 30-40 mins in length and include some spiritual conversation. Not all guests are people of faith but all guests are happy to talk about their respective journey of faith. The interviews can be watched as a video or listened to as a podcast. Hopefully there is something for everyone and I very much hope you enjoy the interviews on The God Cast.

Much love, Fr Alex.



The God Cast aims to post one episode each week. On some occasions interviews will also be published on a second, or third day: usually a Wednesday or Saturday; however, when this is the case viewers will be notified via the Facebook page which can be found HERE.

Each episode is placed into a catagory playlist for your convenience, making it easier for you to find the episodes that interest you. These are located in the playlist section of our Youtube Channel which can be found HERE. The most recent video in each catagory can also be found below.

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