St Matthew's Church

The origins of The God Cast began in Summer 2020 when Fr Alex recorded some interviews with people in the Church of St Matthew's where he serves as the parish priest, with the purpose of keeping people connected. After conducting a small number of interviews, Fr Alex was followed on Twitter by TV celebrity Eamonn Holmes and Alex decided to chance his arm and invite Eamonn to be interviewed.

The interview was watched by a lot of people, and it was by a suggestion from Alex's brother Robert, that he should extend the invitation to other famous people and call it "The God Cast". Alex took his brother's advice and before long lots of famous people were freely giving their time to be interviewed by the Burnley vicar, on The God Cast with its popularity is going from strength to strength.

In what is a busy life for a Vicar, Fr Alex tries to record one interview a week and enjoys, preparing, recording and editing the videos before releasing them into the world of social media.

Take a look, there will almost certainly be something that floats your boat.

What some of our guests have said:

TV Celebrity - Anthea Turner:

"The God Cast is a church with no barriers and you leave feeling uplifted with a new friend in Fr Alex"

Isabel Oakeshott - Political Journalist:

"Just a thoroughly enjoyable experience. A beautifully simple concept with an unfussy format. Everyone should talk God -or no God -with Fr Alex"

Helen Barnard - Director Joseph Rowntree Foundation:

"This was such a fun chat & lovely to have the chance to really reflect on why I do what I do - thanks for having me on!"

Dom Joly - Trigger happy TV, Comedian and Writer:

"Best Invisible friend-based podcast I've ever been on"

Jamie Hoyland - Ex Premier League footballer:

"An absolute honour and pleasure to have a nice relaxing chat and some laughs about my career with the marvellous Fr Alex on The God Cast"

Kellie Malonie - Boxing promoter and former manager to Lennox Lewis:

"Relaxing and fun, nice to just chat and laugh about most subjects that other are afraid to talk about thank you to Fr Alex and The God Cast"